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    Venice, CA


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    Sugar Daddy

    Beverly Hills, CA

    Bad Boys

    Anaheim, CA

    Men In Uniform

    Simi Valley, CA


    Woodland Hills, CA

    Lipstick Lesbian

    Silverlake, CA


    West Hollywood, CA

    Hobbies - Surfers

    Malibu, CA

    Marriage Material

    Calabasas, CA


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    Northridge, CA


    Valencia, CA


    Glendale, CA


    Marina Del Rey, CA

    We are unlike the other mainstream dating sites... We are not afraid to be Progressive, Eccentric, Edgy, or Underground". From discovering your fetishes to eloping, we have it all! You will laugh and have a blast enjoying the single life while you search for that special someone! The Twins

    When asked, "What does your dating site do that the other dating sites don't do"? Rather than focusing on one niche group, we have created a site that has a fun way for people to connect. Our site is inclusive, non-judgmental, innovative, & creates a more fun way to meet online.

    The only site with pickup lines, little black book, friend section and exclusive dating games!

    The most extensive search database ever created!

    Filter through your matches & create your dream date or friend!
    It gets better... Find one person who does it all!

    For example, narrow by picking your favorite ethnicity (Sweetish), then pick a hair color (blonds), eye color (green), select a hot career (filmmaker), is a (Gemini), that likes your favorite sports team (Lakers, or Barcelona soccer), and enjoys (rollerblading and Bingo), plays (the guitar) enjoys (painting or photography), is a (Vegetarian) and their favorite movies are (horror), whose religion is (Jewish), lives (15 miles) from you attends the same university as you (Harvard), has a (tattoo) and speaks (Spanish), is a (sugar daddy/sugar mamma) is a (milf, or cougar), drives a (Mercedes), whose favorite food is (sushi) and has a (sense of humor) and a (big booty)!

    Special Interest Searches
    Find whatever your passion is... we don't judge, we got it all on one convenient site that targets everyone! The only dating site where ANYONE can find ANYTHING. You want it we got it, filter through our matches and create you ultimate lover or new friend.

    Compatibility Quiz
    This is the best and most enjoyable matching quiz ever created! We break up what makes an individual's qualities from the outside in. Sometimes who you are is what you want, like a (religion or ethnicity). Other times opposites attract, because you look for qualities in a potential partner that you yourself do not have, but wish you did like (outgoing).

    Other sites drown you with hundreds of endless random questions. This site lets you choose which quiz topics are most significant to you and actually gives you answers! For example, find out if you are: A bad boy/girl, a romantic, humorous, philosophical, adventurous, sensitive, Mr. right, Mrs. right, high maintenance, an intellectual, outgoing, art, nature, or confidence etc.

    If you pass the exam, you enter in that Special Interest Group for matches to begin finding you! We even quiz you on sex. Yes its personal to you, and will remain private. But lets face it, if you're not compatible in bed, your relationship will fail! (Let's say you love oral sex, and your partner dislikes giving it, you're not compatible).

    100% Compatibility Scores
    Once you complete the quiz, we give you an overall score out of 100% to see how you rate to other singles and friends! Find out who these other people are and what they have to give by seeing both good and bad in them. Then view a detailed breakdown of what you scored in various categories to see if they fulfill your individual needs and priorities.

    For example, you can be compatible to Taylor by 78% (with 81% in movies, 75% hobbies, and 69% in music, but only 34% in bed, and 28% food).. There you can decide if you can you accept the good and tolerate the bad or move on to Hunter?


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