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Will a foot fetish scare girls away?

Why do women sometimes get weirded out by a man having a foot fetish? What can I do to not scare away women and get them to embrace it?

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San Fernando Valley, CA.
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To kiss or not to kiss on the first date?

I'm tired of men trying to push for a kiss on a first date, instead of waiting for the right moment and being happy to get a hug.

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Can a long distance relationship really work?

Can a long distance relationship really work? I live in the US and am in love with a girl from India that I am dating. We skype every night for hours and have a lot in common. I hope to save up and visit her one day. We talk about marriage. She is pretty and smart, and wants to be a doctor. My friends make fun of me

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My boyfriend won't let me spend the holidays with him or his family

Dear Tanya, I've been dating my b.f. for 3 years now. We don't live together but im practically at his house every night. I love him and want to spend the rest of my life with him. But when holidays come up, other than (Valentine's day & New Year's) i'm not allowed to spend it with him and his family, or the two of us alone. I get to see him late when he returns home. When i ask him why its the same answer...

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I want a title before having sex

I have decided not to sleep with a man anymore until I get a girlfriend title from him. Its not that I do not enjoy sex, but I feel used if I sleep with him because I am often left with a broken heart. Most men often hit it and quit it or play me, wanting just sex and nothing more.

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Tarzana, CA.
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I am not sure if dating a girl that seems a little off is a good idea.

Dating people with mental disorders and how to deal with falling in love with these type of people.

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Why do girls not make definite plans?

I thought it was always best to make solid plans.. but dating now seems most girls are wanting to play it by ear. Should just blow off these girls that don't make solid plans?

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Can I stay friends with an ex?

My ex wants to be friends and I am in a new relationship.. the new girl does not like that I have a relationship still with an ex.. even though I would never re-hook up with the ex.. Should I stay friends or disconnect?

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Can I be friends with the opposite sex?

I always hear stories from people that their lovers get mad about them going out with the opposite sex to hangout. Can't we be friends with the opposite sex without it getting weird?

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Do women use men for fancy dinners and a free movie

I usually try and take women on dates, dinner and drinks.. But I have a feeling most these girls just want a free dinner.. I don't want to be a friend or an ATM.. I do want to wine and dine the women.. but want to have a woman more interested in me than a free dinner.. What is a better way to date?

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